Timber Framed Buildings

A&S Carpentry specialise in the manufacture and build of timber framed buildings in Kent, London and the South East.

Timber Framed Carpentry and Joinery

A & S Carpentry’s timber frame buildings include the construction of houses, apartments, outbuildings – garages, sheds and summerhouses for a wide range of customers throughout Thanet, Kent, London and the South East.

Our team of timber frame builders carry out work for homeowners, private developers, building contractors and local government.

Timber Frame – What is it?

Timber frame is a modern method of construction – using standardised, prefabricated timber wall panels and floors. Timber frame is a well proven, versatile construction method with the following key benefits:
  • robust, light and easy to transport
  • fast erection
  • reduction in overall build programme
  • reduction in risk of delays
  • ease of project planning
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • extremely energy-efficient / high EcoHomes rating
  • reduction in site storage requirements
  • reduction in site waste
  • use of a sustainable building material
  • more house for less money
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Timber framed buildings are especially suitable for isolated sites, where the ground conditions wouldn’t normally permit heavy construction. Manufactured under factory-controlled conditions, timber frame components are an engineered product, and the composition is especially accurate. This simplifies the erection process for the timber frame carpenter at your location, with the pieces fitting together accurately, just as they were designed to. 

Timber Framed Homes

Timber framed homes are highly insulated. At A & S Carpentry & Timber Frame Specialists we use the latest spray foam insulation technology, ensuring a far more energy-efficient level than the existing building regulations require. With high quality insulation throughout your timber frame building energy costs are kept low, your property warms up quickly and retains their heat for longer.

From cosy holiday cottages to multi-storey apartments, timber framed buildings can be safely clad in any standard finish: tile, timber, render, stone or brick. For all your timber frame building enquiries in Thanet, Kent, London and the South East contact the experts among the leading timber framing companies – A & S Carpentry & Timber Frame Specialists.

Preconstruction Planning

At A & S Carpentry & Timber Frame Specialists we follow a systematic approach to all stages of the timber frame building project, in particular to the planning. On acceptance of our quotation and the placing of a confirmed order, we will invite you to our offices for an informal meeting to discuss all elements of the project from start to finish, to meet our team and to have a brainstorming session. The planning and design stage begins.

Timber Frame Design Process

We would normally allow 20 working days from the start of the design, detailed drawings being prepared, build sequence being determined through to the approval stage. A further 5 working days to is normally allowed for clients’ comments, amendments, agreeing on a start date and final approval. The manufacturing begins.

Timber Frame Manufacturing

A & S Carpentry & Timber Frame Specialists manufacture the prefabricated timber frames at our workshop in Kent. All of our timber is responsibly sourced from suppliers certified in the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC).

Depending on the size of the project we allow at least 5 working days to produce the timber frames. These are then supplied direct to the building site and constructed by our CSCS/CPCS accredited installers.

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Our Kent-built timber framed buildings are long-lasting, strong and durable, and compare well with all other standard types of modern-day construction. They last at least the 60 years+, which is a requirement of insurers, banks and building societies.

Timber frame construction is recognised by building societies, banks and insurance providers for borrowing purposes. Indeed, most financiers offer you stage payment plans specially created for self-builders.

Construction Management

We have experience in all sectors of the construction industry: residential buildings, universities and schools, small bespoke developments and large commercial buildings. We will work with you every step of the way to create a cost-effective and eco-friendly building.

In mild conditions, timber framed buildings are wind and waterproof within 2-3 days and construction can be completed within 8-10 weeks. After this, other tradesmen can carry on with their work no matter what the weather, eliminating delays due to the UK’s unpredictable climate.

Having fully managed and part-managed a wide range of timber frame building projects over many years A & S Carpentry & Timber Frame Specialists has built up the knowledge and expertise required to guide you carefully through your timber frame building project, taking into account your specific needs, timeframes and budget. We strive to provide excellent customer service and clear communication so you can understand the progress of your job at every phase.

First Fix Carpentry

The experienced carpenters at A & S Carpentry & Timber Frame Specialists can provide the necessary services for the First Fix of your timber frame building project, including the following tasks:

  • Windows
  • Window boards
  • Exterior doors
  • Internal door linings

Second Fix Carpentry

Normally on completion of the plastering, our team of local carpenters will move on to the following jobs:
  • Internal hardwood and softwood doors
  • Architraves to door linings
  • Skirting and mouldings
  • Pre-formed door sets
  • Staircase components
  • Low level bathroom boxings

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